QMS2 How-To

A step-by-step guide for using the QTL Macro for SAS® Software[1]

Dr. Jeffrey Lessem

Research Associate
University of Colorado
Institute for Behavioral Genetics

    447 CB
    Boulder CO, 80309-0447

Dr. Stacey Cherny

Head of Statistical Genetics Applications
University of Oxford
Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics

    Roosevelt Drive
    Oxford, OX3 7BN
    United Kingdom

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
About the Document
License Terms
Reporting Bugs
Obtaining and Extracting QMS2
Requirements for using QMS2
2. I just want to analyze my data!
Data analysis considerations
Putting it all together
3. A step-by-step walk-through
Genehunter 2
4. pre-sas.sh
5. ghimport.sas
The macro itself
A sample SAS Software script with ghimport.sas
6. qms2.sas
The macro itself
A sample SAS Software script with qms2.sas
List of Examples
2-1. What to type
2-2. my_genehunter.in
2-3. myanalyzer.sas
3-1. my_genehunter.in
3-2. Running pre-sas.sh.
3-3. Setting mautosource
3-4. Calling ghimport.sas
3-5. Calling qms2.sas
4-1. Running pre-sas.sh.
5-1. myimporter.sas
6-1. myanalyzer.sas



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